Friday, February 12, 2010

Claiming Derryn by Vivian Arend

They were pains in the ass. How had she put up with them for five years at the Institute? More importantly, how had she ever done without them? She had to guard her heart because there was no way she would to open herself up to the pain of being left alone, no matter what Trev said about loving her. They’d let her down once, they could do it again.

The best defense was offense.

“Take a walk outside, Davis, you’re so full of shit it stinks in here.”

Davis roared with laughter. He smirked at Trev, their elbows jostling together. “She’s obviously learned to relax her rigid sense of propriety a little.”

He really was impossible. “Go to hell.” She turned to look for a sign of which direction to go, anything to escape from here. From them.

Tsk, tsk, is that anyway to talk to your new commanding officer?”

Melina froze. No way. She sucked in a breath of air and tried to stop the world from spinning. “You?”

Davis nodded. “Me.”

“No fucking way…”

“What? So I’m a little colorful and inventive in my leadership style. I think after you settle in you’ll enjoy working under me.” His eyes flashed dark, his gaze dropping to her breasts. “You’ll enjoy being under me again.”

Melina turned her back on him. Her heart pounded, panic not far away. Adjusting from being alone to having both men reenter her life in less than a day—it wasn’t happening. They pushed buttons she didn’t want to deal with. Trev appeared by her side, sympathy on his face. She wanted to deny the connection between them, ignore the desires rising as each minute passed. Only a whisper made it out. “I need to get back to the War Eagle. I can’t serve with a man who I’ve…that we’ve…”

“Lived with? Had sex with? Oh yeah, we were amazing together, Melina, admit it.” Trev moved closer, his intentional laziness gone, a dangerous spark that trickled heat through her core warning of his intent.

“Trev!” Melina stepped away.

He gave no quarter, circling her slowly in the hallway. To her right, Davis approached like a prowling beast. Trev chuckled, a warm molten sound that hit her in the belly and spread melting fingers through her. “We’ll just have to work at keeping the bedroom and the bridge separated. I was a little surprised myself, but Davis is an excellent captain.”

“I give great oral…direction.” Davis’ husky tones set a shiver down her spine.

She shook her head rapidly in denial. “How can I take orders from a man I’ve seen naked?”

“Naked and aroused.” Trev reminded her, capturing her from behind. He brushed aside her hair and nuzzled her neck. Memories rose of them surrounding her, wrapping her in their fire and desire and passion. Holy hell, she wanted this and dreaded it at the same time.

“Naked, aroused and mighty fine, admit it.” Davis stroked a finger down the placket of her shirt, and heat shot through her core with a rocket’s blaze.

“It’s never happening again,” she swore, clutching her fingers at her sides to stop from reaching for him.

“Never is a long, long time.” Davis stepped forward and claimed her lips in a kiss that ignited her soul. He drew their bodies together, his spicy male scent enveloping her as his hardness took possession of her softness. He forced his tongue past her teeth, pressing rough and fast, twining with her, consuming her. He dragged his fingers through her hair and pinned her between him and Trev, two solid barriers of scorching heat. When he finally released her lips, Melina gasped for air, clutching his uniform for stability. It had always been like that with Davis, a no-holds-barred attack.

Then he reached past her to where Trev suckled on her earlobe, exploring the sensitive tissue of her neck. Grasping the front of his shirt, Davis hauled Trev forward until he hung over Melina’s shoulder. Their mouths met and tongues explored, a kiss as deep and hard as the one Davis had bestowed on her moments earlier. Her pussy clenched as a rush of fluid flooded her body.

“Fuck, that’s hot.” Her heart pounded at the sight of the men together and the heat of passion rising from them, their rigid cocks pressing her on either side. She wanted this—wanted it more than her next breath. Screw the consequences, the backlash from her family and friends. Like any of them cared anymore. Watching the two men she’d always loved kissing for the first time in forever finally set her world back on the right trajectory.

They pulled apart slowly, Davis nipping at Trev’s lip before backing away. He grumbled low in his chest, caressing his thumb over lips swollen from his assault. “I missed you.” His gaze darted to meet Melina’s. “I’ve missed you so much. No more of this stinking talk about never. I want you both back where you belong—at my side and in my bed—and I’m not taking no for an answer.”

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Timeless Wrath by Lexxie Couper

The drive to Evron’s house was silent, unlawful and torturous. Neither he nor the stunning creature beside him spoke, perhaps still too rocked by the force of their meeting, perhaps too scared to break whatever mystical force had brought about its occurrence. The woman’s car—a bright red rental compact complete with yellow-and-black label still stuck to the dash—moved through the dark streets of Sydney at a speed way beyond the posted limit. If the cops nabbed them they’d both end up in jail. She for driving like a maniac, he for finger-fucking her as she drove.

His cock, longer and harder than it’d ever been, ached, scalding blood pumping through its length. If it weren’t for his jeans, it would be a pulsating poker pointing straight up. Christ, he was in agony.

And it felt wonderful.

He wiggled the three fingers of his right hand again, index seeking the sweetest spot within her sex. The woman’s sodden pussy contracted and a swift gasp slipped past her lips. Shifting back to fourth gear, she flung them around a corner into a dark, narrow alley and hit the brakes, screeching to a stop under a flickering street light.

She stared out the windscreen, hips rocking slowly back and forth. “I can’t wait.”

Her blunt proclamation sent a surge of heat straight to Evron’s cock and he moaned. “Neither can I.”

In the span of a heartbeat, her hands jerked at his belt and yanked down his fly. His straining cock sprung free, the cool breeze of the air-conditioner biting at its fevered flesh. Yet before he could shiver, full, soft lips wrapped around its throbbing length and ecstasy flooded through him.

“Oh, God Almighty.” The words were almost lost in his groan, a groan that grew raw when long, sure fingers slipped around his balls. Ramming his head back against the car’s headrest, Evron stared at the roof, blood roaring in his ears. The warm, wet cavity surrounding his cock slid up and down, teeth and tongue teasing the glans just below the head until he was on fire. “Goddamn it!” he rasped, teeth clenched. “If you don’t stop…”

Evron felt the woman smile.

And then her tongue curled around the base of his cock and licked at his balls.

It was too much. Utter bliss pervaded his body. Hot, squirming and alive. In spurts of jolting pleasure, he came. Eyes closed, heart pounding. “Holy fucking Christ!”

Still she didn’t stop. Her mouth worked at his pulsating shaft, sucking its length, teasing its head. He writhed in the seat, one hand fisted in her glorious, silken mane, the other thrusting harder against her wet, creamy sex. Slurping sounds filled the car’s cab, from her talented mouth and her sodden pussy.

Unbelievably, his spent cock began to stiffen. Barely minutes after erupting his balls were swollen, heavy and ready to burst again. God, how can she do this to me?

He didn’t know.


The word whispered through his mind like pure light. Undeniable and serene. He pressed his palm to the exquisite curve of her spine. “Come up.” The words fell from his lips in a ragged breath. Hell, he didn’t believe it was possible to feel like this, as if he’d been turned into a being of concentrated pleasure. He wanted the woman responsible to experience that same rapture. “I want to…”

He didn’t need to finish. Blue eyes flashing, the woman lifted her head. For a brief moment her honey-blonde hair seemed to blaze with red fire, and then the illusion vanished. A small smile played at the corners of her mouth. “Do you have…?” She let the question dangle, the smile on her lips cheeky.

Without further provoking, knowing exactly what she was asking for, Evron dug his wallet from his back pocket and fumbled out a condom.

“Hmm, perfect.” She took the small foil square in one hand as she reached over his lap with the other, her hand slipping down beside his seat. “Let’s get more comfortable, shall we?” Her shoulder bunched and, with a sharp upward tug, she pulled on the release and dropped his seat flat.

Long legs straddled him before he had the chance to react, negotiating the handbrake and gear knob with ease. Gaze holding his, she brought the condom packet to her mouth and tore it open with her teeth, slipping the small circle of latex from its packaging. Wordlessly, she slid the slick sheath over his erection, his muscles coiling in anticipation as her fingers stroked his hard length. Despite being cramped in the confines of the car, she moved with a fluid grace that made his already straining cock twitch with eager interest and his breath grow more ragged. Goddamn, he was going to asphyxiate with raw lust and he didn’t even know who she was.

Doesn’t matter.

It did. A distant part of his brain—the rational part so often strangled by his rage—told him it did matter. He looked up at her, his pulse slamming against his neck, his hands automatically going to her hips.

Ask her name. Before she

She positioned herself over his lap, stared him straight in the eye and impaled herself on his cock.

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